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Shoot Portraits Not People
Opening Friday, November 24th, 5 p.m. - 7 p.m.
Exhibition on display through December 25th, 2017


Jason Siegel is an accomplished Denver based lifestyle photographer specializing in the music and apparel industries. In the last year, Jason’s creative mind and well connected presence has allowed him to expand from photography into comprehensive installation work and apparel/hard good design. Internationally recognized for his projects, Siegel has travelled to 40+ countries, continuing to provide him with inspiration found in the places he visits and people with whom he creates relationships.

Take a scroll through his Instagram and you’ll be drawn in by the faces of music powerhouses like Griz, Dillon Francis and Big Gigantic, sandwiched between commercial work with major brands like Steve Madden, Finish Line and Under Armour Women’s. Most recently, Jason’s photos can be seen in Rolling Stone, Billboard, Hypebeast, Complex and High Snobiety, connecting his impeccable style to influencers around the globe.

In 2016 Siegel concepted a collaborative works entitled “Shoot Portraits Not People”, gaining international press. This creative and provocative exhibit, displays recycled photographic equipment built into high-powered weaponry, offering a look into the idea behind shooting portraits, not people. The exhibit was on display in Aspen during the 2017 X-Games and a new installation will continue to make rounds to major art destinations, beginning with it’s next run in Santa Fe in fall 2017.


Keith D’Angelo is a mixed media multi-sensual artist from Colorado. D’Angelo explores creativity to evoke emotion with a multifaceted experience. He uses creativity as a way to process and explore the world around him. Permanent public art installations can be seen throughout major tourist destinations such as Aspen, Telluride, Carbondale, and Breckenridge.

Keith’s early work started with large scale steel and copper sculptures that aimed to embellish the beauty of nature. Some of his most recent work, however, has transformed the idea of sculpting. By utilizing the ephemeral element of fire, D’Angelo creates dynamic sculptures in which the flame becomes the sculpture itself. Dynamic and in flux, Keith’s next fire sculpture will be shown in Brazil, December 2017.

In addition to fire sculpting, D’Angelo is producing a series of mixed media bricolage that aim to capture the political state of the world. This includes the collaborative project “Shoot Portraits Not People” as well as a solo project titled “Profits Over People” set to debut in 2018.

About Shoot Portraits Not People project

Shoot Portraits Not People is an innovative sculptural art project concepted by lifestyle photographer Jason Siegel and brought to life through collaboration with sculptor Keith D’Angelo.
This creative and provocative exhibit is the second showing of Siegel's first non-photography based art project and displays photographic equipment built into high-powered weaponry, offering a look into the idea behind shooting portraits, not people.
The first installation of Shoot Portraits Not People made it’s impactful and successful debut in Aspen 2017, gaining the attention of international publications and buyers.
Using hand-picked camera equipment as the source, the artful gesture of mixing tool and technique is evident in the creative process it takes to build the “guns” from start to finish.
“Shoot Portraits, Not People” moves beyond the elements of still photography and captures the archetype of both guns and cameras as universally recognized symbols of provocateur. The display of one of a kind custom camera weaponry is accompanied by other military themed accessories that create an interactive and immersive installation.
The attention to detail is impeccable with each gun being constructed by hand-picked parts chosen from hundreds of pounds of camera parts specifically sourced for this project.


Samples of Work

We will be posting the exhibition work as they become available!

Gas Mask
recycled camera equipment and gas mask
Claymore Mines
recycled camera equipment
Gun #2
recycled camera equipment, 35 x 15 x 4
Gun #1
recycled camera equipment, 46 x 12 x 2.5
Gun #3
recycled camera equipment, 42 x 32 x 26
recycled camera equipment
Gun #4
recycled camera equipment, 28 x 17 x 3